Thursday, February 16, 2012

HIS OWN SHOW and EW confirm that  Terry O’Quinn, LOST's Locke, will star in the upcoming ABC pilot, 666 Park Avenue. The new show is about a couple who move to New York and manage a historic building where "supernatural happenings"  endanger the building's occupants. O’Quinn will play the role of the building’s owner, Gavin. 

Now some wonder if this is going to be the Locke character trapped inside a supernatural building rather than trapped on the Island. The "666" number indicates the sign of the devil, so demonic events are sure to happen. Or not.

As the building owner, one suspects that O'Quinn will be in the center of action, which is a good thing. But the confines of the building proper has to limit the types of mysteries, monsters, spooks and story lines (unless the writers construct an Alcatraz style show format: a new character per week assembly line plot arc).